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Dynamic Duo

Kara and Holli have been close friends for almost 2 decades and have tossed around ideas for years about how to create dependable stability within a typically fickle music industry. 

They are both married to successful musicians and have six kids between the two of them. After raising children and taking care of all the things while their husbands were on tour, these two can handle anything. And now they're bringing you personalized songs!


Holli loves to snuggle her pets while watching true crime shows or reading.


Kara is hard-working, free-spirited, and fun. 


You can find them trying new restaurants, at their kids’ baseball games, and probably. . .  definitely, laughing too loud. 


There is no stopping these two.


Let's Get Cookin'

What'll it be - Roast or Toast?

Th Song Toast mascot popping out of a toaster
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